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Lesson 1 - See DrumBum's collection of the best drum videos online. Videos of drum solos, artist interviews, hot drumbeats, drum technique, and top drum lesson videos from your favorite drummers. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 2 - A grab bag of novelty licks and things including linear, salsa, double bass, etc. This page is used by Jeff Salem to help promote his latest publication, "The Book of Licks".
Lesson 3 - A great checklist of drums "stuff" that we need (or want) at our gigs with us. What's in your drummer's toolbox?
Lesson 4 - Josh Gottry's "Virtual Method Book for Percussion".
A fantastic site dedicated to music learning and technique. Lessons on snare drum, mallets, drumline, and various drum tips. Lessons are in PDF and Finale's Music Viewer formats.
Lesson 5 - A terrific discussion on the never-ending dilemma of undesired snare-buzz, from Marc Zoutendijk's fantastic and educational drums site.  
Lesson 6 - Stick Control! Numerous duplet and triplet stickings to perfect control and dynamics on drums. Good fundamental stuff that should be practiced religiously.
Lesson 7 - DrumBum (yea, that's us!) has a ton of drum tips on this index page to their store site. Contributions welcomed.
Lesson 8 - A glossary of Music Terms. Emphasis on classical music. Clean layout with search feature.
Drum Lessons
Beginner to Pro Drum Lessons
Lesson 9 - All you ever wanted to know about Pipe band drumming. Take the Pipe band drummer tour and follow the links to Drum Major, Side Drummer, Tenor Drummers and Bass. Awesome Scottish drumming site.
Lesson 10 - Arm position, form and technique for playing drumset. Drum video from johnnydrums.com Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Find free drum lessons on bass drum technique, 32nd note hi-hat variations, hand independence, off-beat patterns, funk shuffles and drum and bass rhythms. Drum Lessons database is a terrific educational resource dealing with snare drum technique, bass drum technique, marching cymbals, timpani, triangle, xylophone and more. From beginner to pro drummer lessons for drums and drumming. All for free!
Lesson 11 - Pro drummer / author, Jake Burton demonstrates basic grooves, reading drumset notation, basic hand technique, single and double stroke rolls, double bass drumming ideas and paradiddle applications to drumset. Scroll to bottom for free drum lessons. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
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Lessons 12 - Too cool for words. An awesome drum lesson editor. The best part is it's free!
Lesson 13 - Scott Laborde covers Speed Drumming in great length. His fantastic site not only disects playing fast but also how finger control plays such a strong role. We'll be adding more of Scott's great lessons soon. - Thanks Scott
Lesson 14 - Kevin Picone of The Drum Machine discusses a couple of issues concerning sliding drums.
Lesson 15 - A great article for drum teachers. Drummer / Instructor, Fran Merante makes the case for counting out loud.
Lesson 16 - Another of Fran Merante's drum articles. This covers a unique phrasing concept for drums.
Lesson 17 - Lessons in Listening. Steve Anisman shares his published articles. Valuable insight into the art of listening. He uses many popular songs as examples.
Lesson 18 - Your Left Foot. Another of Steve's fine drumming articles highlighting the possiblities of using your left foot to enhance your drumming.   Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 19 - Drum Teaching Ideas. Valuable tips for drum teachers out there. Another great article by Steve Anisman.
Lesson 20 - There is now a drum links site with a name you certainly won't forget. It's called "Drum Links". ;) Many links in all categories including drum lessons.
Lesson 21 - Pro drummer / teacher, David Capuzelo provides free drum lesson samples at his site. Videos include beginner drumset, rock beats, linear beats, latin (mozambique), permutation, ostinatos, rolls, and more drumset patterns.   Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 22 - The table of common percussion instruments. Includes tuned percussion, auxillary percussion, latin percussion, drumset, and more.
Lesson 23 - Lots of drum videos covering instrument examples, rudiments, and live drummer footage. Not sure of the language but there's lots of stuff here.   Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

At Drums Database you'll find hundreds of free drum lessons on numerous drum styles such as big band swing, the cha cha, swing rock, disco, 50's ballad, the modern ballad, latin rock, straight rock, waltz, polka, and bossa nova. Many lessons have midi samples or video to learn from. Check out drumset articles and drumming lessons from grip technique to ways of practicing drums to the best drum tuning and dampening techniques. Don't miss the link to the virtual drum kit where you can play the drums online!
Lesson 24 - Building a Drum Riser. How to build a drum riser. Plans for building include materials, tools, and assembly. Awesome Drum Riser Plans!
Lesson 25 - Rick Steel of Drum TV shows us something inspired by Buddy Rich called the "One Handed Roll". This one handed roll is a bit different from the more recent one handed roll that involves playing all notes on one drum.
Lesson 26 - Need to know more about micing drums? Well, start by learning the mics themselves. This article offers a quick lesson on microphone types.
Lesson 27 - Find Musician Tips at Leave a Tip.com. New!

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The Drums Database is your access to all the information you need to be competitive on drums. Learn drum technique, drumset licks, percussion tricks, the one handed roll, reading music and tons of secrets for drumming. Definitions, lesson plans, music theory and more!

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