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Hand Drumming
Learn how to play the Bongos, Learn how to play the Conga, Learn how to play Djembe. Hand Drum Lessons online for Drums and Percussion.

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Latin Drum Lessons
Learn how to play latin drums and
percussion on hand drums & drumset.
Learn How to Play Djembe
Learn how to play the djembe with
djembe drum lessons. Books & dvds!

Lesson 1 -Another great hand drums page by Rhythmweb! Introductory to frame drums with hand percussion lessons, history and explanations.
Lesson 2 - History, examples, percussion resources, and hand drum lessons for playing the Bongos
Lesson 3 -A hand drums site containing just about everything there is to know about the Djembe drum. 
Lesson 4 -Tons of information on Dumbek rhythms. Hand drum and percussion lessons and examples.

Lesson 5

- Everything you need to know about Taiko drums and drumming. An all inclusive lessons site!
Lesson 6 -Online tips on how to play Pandeiro. Six musical rhythms to learn on this percussion instrument!
Lesson 7 - A hand drums site dedicated to the Bodhran drum.
Lesson 8 - A free hand percussion lesson on building a Shekere' instrument. Very detailed!   
Lesson 9 - Excellent! Nice pics, audio, and detailed instruction for holding and playing the tamborine. Brought to you by percussion extraordinaire, Randy Gloss.  Limeball.gif (370 bytes) 
Lesson 10 - Samples from a drum workshop "..designed to match dance moves with particular rhythmic effects."  Limeball.gif (370 bytes)   
Lesson 11 - Interesting drum lesson on whether to play 3/4 or 6/8. Nowick Gray says, why not ride the fence?   Limeball.gif (370 bytes) 
Lesson 12 - Definitions and great pics for the following latin drumming instruments: berimbau, cabassa, pandeiro, cowbells, agogo bells, chocalo, guiro, tamborim, timbales, surdo, congas, bongos, claves, cuica, steel drums, maracas, and apitos.  
Lesson 13 - Complete definition, history, and origin of the Udu drum from drummer and friend, Paul Marshall's fantastic site, www.drumdojo.com.  Pics!       
Lesson 14 - An intro to hand drumming featuring pictures of hand drums and thorough definitions of the djembe drum, the doumbek, angklung, bodhran, and Thai gongs. Click on "Next" for hand drum lessons.
Lesson 15 - Dave Sabine's impressive "Percussion Library" resource. A unique collection of percussion books, music and descriptions, searchable by keyword.
Lesson 16 - "Virtual Conga" rhythms designed for beginning conga players. Resource for learning Bata drums. Includes hand drums technique, drum tuning, and percussion variations.
Lesson 17 - Instruction on playing the cuíca drum by noted pro drummer, Emiliano Benevides. Percussion Lessons and Pictures Limeball.gif (370 bytes) .
Lesson 18 - Samples of the Candombe rhythm of Uraguay and it's applications to different instruments. The book is available through Mel Bay. This hand drums site is bi-lingual.
Lesson 19 - Interactive hand drum lessons for Conga; Tumbao, Conga Setup, etc. Origins of the Djembe drum, Nigerian Rhythms, Reading Technique and hand drum Transcriptions.

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The Drums Database is your access to all the information on Hand Drum Lessons for ethnic drums. Drum Lessons and drum tips on bongos, djembe drum, conga lessons, clave, timbale drum lessons, African drum rhythms and more percussion lessons!

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Learn how to Play the Congas, learn how to Play Djembe Drums,
learn how to play the Bongos, learn all about hand percussion and hand drumming at Drum Bum's free hand drumming and hand drums lesson database.

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