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Lesson 1 Hundreds of 32nd note drum lessons variations, with some nice rhythmic music phrasings for drums (bottom of the page).
Lesson 2 Exploring quintuplet variations & polyrhythmic applications
Lesson 3 - Drum Lessons on developing the left foot clave by Modern Drummer contributor, Roger Odell. When you get there, click on "Transcriptions". 
Lesson 4 -An excellent article discussing  how to use the clave to aid with rhythmic creativity. -Paul Wertico    
Lesson 5 - 2 pages of creative grooves with some great titles! Tabs format with accompanying midi and MP3 files.  Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 6 - A fantastic drum piece on "Rhythmic Relations" covering odd groupings and their relationship to more familiar groupings. Another great lesson from Bill Ray. / PDF
Lesson 7 - Professional drummer, Dave Walsh demonstrates expert advanced drum technique. Videos demonstrating the one handed triplet, 16th notes with one hand and hand to hand flams, etc. Video Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 8 - Advanced drum lessons. Reading exercises. Excerpts from "The Reading Drummer". A Berklee Shares piece. PDF
Lesson 9 - Advanced drum lessons from one of our favorites, Steve Holmes. Check out the "Blushda" lick, alternating single strokes, and a Weckl inspired lick he calls "The Nine".Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 10 - Mark Powers demonstrates left foot clave for the Cha-Cha rhythm. PDF format. New! Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

Topics discussed are left foot clave on drumset by El Negro Horatio Hernandez, incorporating a jazz samba w/songo bass drums, exercise in displacement, involving Indian syllables (Kenwood Dennard), Rhythmic Scale and practicing exercise / teaching tool for advanced drumming. MP3 drumset examples to follow.

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Drum Bum's "Drums Database" is your access to all the information on advanced drum lessons for drums. Lessons and drum tips for polyrhythms, beat displacement, metric modulation, playing fast, left foot clave, odd groupings, odd time signatures and more! Check back for updates.

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