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Drums and Percussion for Kids - Drums for Beginners
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Lesson 1 - Beginning drum lessons and more. Check out beginning drum beats and rock drum lessons that will help you get started and stimulate you from there.
Lesson 2 - Beginning to advanced drum rudiments. This exciting site features all 40 drum rudiments on video. It's easy for beginner drummers to learn!
Lesson 3 - Kevin Picone's nice little beginning drumset page for those just starting out. Learn how to play the drums first by studying seating and postitioning for beginning drumset players.
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Lesson 4 - 136 drumset beats in PDF format. Very useful page for beginner drummers that don't yet have strong reading skills. Broken down into simple eighth note combinations to learn easier.
Lesson 5 - Chris McCaig submitted these practical sticking exercises for beginner drums. PDF Format.
Lesson 6 - A drum education to proper hand technique for beginning drummers. This video preview was submitted by John Simmons of johnnydrums.com. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 7 - This beginning drum lesson discusses how to hit your cymbals and drums properly so as to avoid constant wear and breakage of the drumsticks.
Lesson 8 - How to buy a drumset. Tips on buying drums and cymbals. Tips on buying used drums as well.
Lesson 9 - Basic rock beats for drumset. Great for beginners. Includes basic Rock, Funk, Shuffles / half time shuffles. A new sample series from Berklee Shares. PDF
Lesson 10 - An overview of the basic drums and descriptions of each. Bass drum (or kick drum), snare drum, high hat, ride cymbal or crash, and even roto toms. - Pictures
Lesson 11 - A table of common Percussion Instruments. Great educational chart for beginning percussion students. Includes tuned percussion, untuned, auxilliary percussion, latin percussion, and drum set.
Lesson 12 - Jim Ferris of the UK discusses how to choose a drumkit and set it up, how to choose cymbals, drumheads, drumsticks, and advice on pursuing drum lessons.
Lesson 13 - A guide to Drums and Percussion Notation. Shows where the drum notes are placed on the staff. Kick, snare, toms, Hi-Hat, Cymbal notation, etc. PDF
Lesson 14

- Beginner drum lessons: Learn how to play Drums for Kids! Play Milo's drumset! As you hit each drum, Milo will play and you get to hear the different drum sounds. A basic virtual drumset or VDK (virtual drum kit) for younger drummers. ;)

Lesson 15 - Free drum lessons site. Learn basic rock beats on drums and many variations of basic rock drumming with Pandora podcasts. Learn to play ghost notes, how to play upbeats, how to open the hi hat up, doubling up the bass drum and more. Learn basic drumbeats, standard rock beats from famous songs and audio examples for drumset. Check out these beginning drum lessons that teach you how to play basic beats on drums.
Lesson 16 - The Percussion Section helps drum students learn about drums and percussion. Printed drum lessons on timpani, marimba, tam-tam, snare drum, bass drum, and cymbals.

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The DRUM BUM drum lessons database is your drum education site with over 500 LINKS to free dum lessons, drumset beats, drum tabs and percussion lesson plans for music educators. - Learn how to play drums. Drum lessons are neatly organized for lesson plan use. An awesome beginning drums website with gobs of resources including basic groove patterns for beginning drummers, basic drumset beats for beginners, rudiments and fundamentals to make learnng drums much easier.

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Find DVDs on beginning drumming such as technique, coordination, independence, and reading. Learn the ins and outs of a 5 pc. drumset. Definitions for each part of the drumset and explanation on how to set up the drums and get started. Do you know young kids that want to play drumset? Find a beginner drum dvd or book with beginning drum lessons for beginner drummers. Learn basic rock beats, and beginning drum fills. Also, don't miss our new drum playalongs books and drumset DVDs. Don't forget the free video drum lessons.

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