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DRUM BUM: T-shirts and Gifts for Drummers!  Drums related Gifts.

Triplet Combinations

 artist icon.gif (390 bytes) A Tribute to Dave Weckl
Dave re-popularized this triplet concept on drums in the 90's and
took it to a new level with his flawless execution and brilliant use of dynamics.
Drummers shouldn't underestimate the importance of this lesson as it will
lead to greater independence and freedom on the drumset.

R = Right Hand
L = Left Hand
F = Right Foot
Excuses are the nails used to build a
house of failure. - Don Wilder
  1. a. RLF
  2. b. LRF

  3. a. FRL
  4. b. FLR

  5. a. RFL
  6. b. LFR

  7. a. RRF
  8. b. LLF

  9. a. FRR
  10. b. FLL

  11. a. FFR
  12. b. FFL

Practice Ideas

  • Work them individually on drums. Gradually and cleanly work up to speed.
  • Mix them up. Use your imagination! Start by playing A and B back to back.
  • Move these around to all drums and cymbals – left to right, etc.
  • Practice "continuous flow". Keep triplets going the whole time even while pausing between exercises.
  • Incorporate dynamics.
  • Try all examples with left foot on high hat or left bass drum pedal.
  • Mix doubles with singles, odd groupings, etc. as you play them around the drums.


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