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Lesson 1 -Drummer Tomas Howie does it again! An awesome learning drums page on introductory reading/theory. A must see!             Limeball.gif (370 bytes)
Lesson 2 - A brief synopsis on "repeat signs" in music notation
Lesson 3 - Reading exercises designed to help students develop a type of 'inner metronome' of standard notation and rhythmic note divisions New!  
Lesson 4 - A short music lesson on basic reading notation
Lesson 5 - A lesson on 8th note triplet groupings.  Limeball.gif (370 bytes)        
Lesson 6 - A complete list of tempo and dynamic markings. 
Lesson 7 - Rhythmic notation for djembe and other percussion instruments. Examples are "Dun, Gun ..Do, Go, etc. 
Lesson 8 -Rhythm drills including quarter, eighth, and 16th notes; and 8th and 16th note triplets. Great exercises for drumlines! Other great lessons too for drumline, snare, drumset and mallets. - Author Josh Gottry / PDF files  
Lesson 9 Numerous PDF files for Reading Notation including basic rhythms, Permutations of 16th notes, Drum Rudiments, 16 note triplets and 32nd exercises.
Lesson 10 Titled "What is Rhythm", this great site covers whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, combing values, tempo, meter, time signatures and a short music vocabulary section.
Lesson 11 An introduction to basic theory. Covers quarter notes, 8th notes, 16th notes and drumset combinations. PDF
Lesson 12 - A guide to Drums and Percussion Notation. Shows where the drum notes are placed on the staff. Kick, snare, toms, Hi-Hat, Cymbal notation, etc. PDF

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The Drums Database is about learning drums. This is page is your access to all the information on reading drum music. Find help with reading bar lines, time signatures, chart reading for drums and more. You'll also find terms and definitions for basic drum reading and learning drums. All for the beginning drummer/musician. Find charts of rhythmic values, basic note values up to 16ths and 32nds, rests, musical staffs and clefs. Learn all about music theory by understanding music symbols. Learn sharp, flat, natural, fermata, the repeat, double bar line, the tie and much more. Learn drum reading and general music theory to become a more accomplished drummer. Do what the pro drummers do. Learn to read drum music and shoot for the top!

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