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Play drums knowing the proper drum rudiments. - At least the basics.
Marching drum rudiments, rudiments for snare drum, quads, and drumset.
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- Snare Drum Rudiments such as the Paradiddle rudiments, Flam Rudiments, and Roll Rudiments. Downloadable zip files.

Lesson 2

- Drum Rudiments - DrumRudiments.com features, well ...Drum Rudiments. Free videos for all 40 PAS standard drum rudiments. Video. Limeball.gif (370 bytes) *New!

Lesson 3

- Some great snare drum exercises (or practice pad) for developing and cleaning up the single stroke roll.

Lesson 4

- The"official" 40 drum rudiments listed categorically by type. Also available in PDF format. Brought to you by it's creator, the Percussive Arts Society (PAS)
- Drum Lessons organized into theme, by Drum Bum. A growing site featuring snare drum lessons books, dvds, free tips and more.
- All 40 snare drum rudiments for drums. Includes audio and video instruction. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

Lesson 7

- Vic Firth has one of the finest educational pages for all 40 drum rudiments. All single stroke, roll rudiments, paradiddles, drag and flam rudiments and sound files to match! - Awesome. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

- "Using Drum Rudiments to Spice up your Groove Playing". From BeatofDrum.com. - Thanks Graeme! PDF format *New!
- Ever heard of "Quad-a-diddles"? These are paradiddle combinations for the Quads! Great beat patterns and combinations for quad drumming on your quad drums. *New!
-A list of most basic American drum rudiments plus free video examples of each rudiment. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

- Incredible sample video clips of Jeff Queen, Chip Webster, Mike McIntosh, and Tyler Dempsey. TapSpace Publications  presents "Violent Ice Cream", a book showcasing awesome rudimental solos by the best rudimental snare drummers in the business. Limeball.gif (370 bytes)

Lesson 12
- Need to sharpen your drum rudiment skills? The check out this video drum lesson on how to play Double Stroke Fills.*New!
Lesson 13
-Another great video lessons for playing drum rudiments. This one focuses in on applying Paradiddles to the Drum Kit. Drummers of every skill level will benefit from this lesson!

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Check out pro drum lessons books, cd's and DVDs on Rudiments
and visit Drum Chat for free video drum lessons.

Drum Rudiments

At Drums Database you'll find not only the 40 drum rudiments but drum fills with double stroke rolls, flams, ruffs and more. Drum Videos of triple drum fills and double strokes. Apply all 40 drum rudiments to your beats and drum fills. Incorporate a rudiment drum fill by utilizing paradiddles or flams into your drumset fill. Check out measured long rolls (or "numbered rolls") including 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, and 17 stoke rolls, ties, compound time and rudimental execution. Singles, doubles, triplets and more rudiment snare drum excercises.

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The Drums Database features links to tons of drum sites featuring snare drum rudiments and their applications to drums and drumset. Everything from the basic 40 drum rudiments to method book PDF's that review Swiss rudiments, international rudiments and even some original lesser-known drum rudiments that challenge even the slickest drumline / drumcorps show-offs. Check out the latest rudimental drumming, drumset rudiments and "Quad-a-diddles" for quads.

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