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Buying a Drum Set
How to buy a drum set or drum kit and the things you need to know about buying drums. Need help buying a drumset? Our drumset buyers guide should help.

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Drum Set
       A standard 5 pc. drum set (popular configuration).

 Stuck not know what type of drumset or drum kit to buy?
Our Drums Buying Guide will help you Purchase Drums.

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Drums Cymbals
A - Bass Drum E - One Ride (or Crash/Ride)
B -  Snare Drum L - One crash (optional)
F & G - Tom-Toms (or Toms) C - Two Hi-Hat Cymbals
H - Floor Tom -
                                 Stands / Accessories   (drum set hardware)
M - Snare Stand
I - Cymbal Stand - make sure they have wing nuts for the tops (not shown)
D - Foot Pedal for Bass Drum
J -  Hi Hat Stand for Hi Hat cymbals
K - Hi Hat Clutch to hold top Hi Hat Cymbal
N - Mount for tom(s) to be mounted on Bass Drum
O - Throne or Seat (Optional: A chair may be used although it limits adjustibility)
H - Legs for the Floor Tom (if applicable, sometimes they're mounted on a stand)
Drum Key (for tuning) - Not shown

Drum Set Buying Tips

Drumset Buyers: Remember; when buying drumsets, stick with reputable
dealers. Make sure you have a guarantee on your drumset. Refer to
this drumset buying guide for assistance.
It's common to go with lower line cymbals for the sake of affordability.
Brand name cymbals can often be very expensive.
Cymbal "packs" (in groups of 2 to 4) are a good inexpensive
way to purchase starter cymbals. You can always upgrade later.

Drum Set Brands

Brand Name Drum Sets Off-Brand Names
Pearl Remo Percussion Plus
Tama Gretsch Sunlite
Yamaha Mapex Thor
DW Slingerland CB (not CB700)
Ayotte Ludwig TKO
Gretsch Sonor Maxwin
Premier CB700 Royce, Starion, HB

Click on the link for more name brand drumsets.
We will not attempt to list all of the off-brand drumsets at this time.

Cymbal Types

Brand Name Cymbals Off-Brand Cymbals
Zildjian Camber
Sabian Stagg
Bosphorus CB
Meinl Zilco
Paiste Solar
Ufip -

Tips on buying "Used" Drums / Drumsets

When buying a used drumset, make sure both top & bottom heads are on the drums.
Make sure none of the tuning lugs on the drums are missing.
Make sure the laminate or exterior drum finish is in good condition
Hardware should appear relatively sturdy and all locking mechanisms secure.
Drumheads should be in relatively good shape.
(It's expensive to replace them all at once).
You're often safer buying from an older player that takes
better care of his drumkit and drum hardware..
Don't know what type of used drumset to buy? Well, see
what you like in new drums and then search for that drumset in
your local trading post or drum classifieds.
Like buying a used car, you often get more for your money with a used kit.

Try to take an experienced drummer with you to check out a used drum set.

Purchase drums based off of gut instinct. If it doesn't "feel" right, it probably isn't.

What does their house look like? If it's not clean and kept, then they probably
didn't take care of the drumset you're about to buy either.

Drums Buying Guide
A guide to help you purchase a drumset. What is the best drumset for you?
Do you need help buying a drumset? This drumset buyers guide will help!

How much to spend on a Drum Set?
What you pay for a drumset depends on the quality of the drumset but for a beginner, anywhere between $200 and $500. Much of this will depend on whether it's used drumset and/or a brand name drumset.

What drums are the best, or "What are the best drumsets?"
After you have the facts (above) it's really just a matter of
individual preference. Like buying a car, some swear by Ford and
others swear by Chevrolet. (We're actually fond of Toyotas ;).

Do I need a 5 piece drumset or will less pieces do?
A beginner can learn efficiently on a ride (or hi-hat), a bass drum,
and a snare drum. Young students will appreciate a full 5 piece drumkit
however as it makes it more fun to play drumfills down the drums.

My son is asking for a double bass pedal. What is this?
Simply put, it's two feet on the bass drum instead of one. A double bass
pedal allows you to play both feet on the kick drum at the same time, thus
creating some powerful and exciting (not to mention "bombastic") rhythms. Double bass drumming is common in rock and heavy metal drumming but can be used in any style (except polkas ;).

Thanks for checking out our Drum Buying Guide
If you need any assistance in buying drums or a drumkit, please don't
hesitate to call us toll free at 1-800-378-6286 or e-mail us b/t 9 and 5, est.

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