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Drum Lesson 1 - The Drum Tuning Bible, by Scott Johnson (aka Prof. Sound). A thorough drum tuning book (Bible!) with tips from tuning the snare drum, kick drum, toms, info. on buzzing snares, seating the heads, and alternate methods for tuning drums. The Drum Tuning Bible is a must read.
Drum Lesson 2 - Learn how to tune drums. Tips and insight from Rip Rowan on tuning a drum featuring an emphasis on bass drum tuning. How to get a good kick drum sound.
Drum Lesson 3 - The secret to tuning drums. Article by pro drummer, Ed Hartman. Tips on Snare tuning, drum muffling, etc. Learn how to tune!
Drum Lesson 4 - Tips on preparation, seating, and fine tuning snare drums. Learn how to tune a drum, tuning a drum set, or snare drum with these tuning lessons.
Drum Lesson 5 - A brief synopsis on tuning a drumset.  
Drum Lesson 6 - Drum Tuning and general drum care from Michael Miller's book, "The Complete Idiots Guide to Playing Drums" by The Molehill Group. Learn to tune a drum set.

Drum Tuning Book

Get the book on drum tuning. It contains step-by-step drum tuning instructions along with over 35 professional photos that allow you to see the tools and tuning techniques up close. The 29-track companion CD contains demos for listening, so you can read and hear the differences in sounds while your tuning the drums. Covers: preparation of tuning; drumhead basics; drum construction and head properties; tuning tom-toms; snare drum tuning; bass drum tuning; tuning the drum set as one instrument; drum sounds, and tuning methods throughout the years; when to change heads; and more. The Ultimate Drum Tuning Book and CD - Drum Books
Drum Lesson 7 - How to get a great drum sound, or that "perfect tone" on the drums. In depth drumming article by Mike James about drum tuning. Also "How your drum sound is affected by Hardware" *New!
Drum Lesson 8 - Drumset Tuning Tips, and Care, from the Evans Drumheads site. Drum lessons include set-up, preparation, stretching the head, and tuning to pitch. Tips on marching snare tuning, conga tuning, and tuning timpani drums as well. *New!
Drum Lesson 9 - One of many How To tutorials and drum tips from PearlDrum.com. This drum tutorial focuses on setting up your drumset as well as drum assembly, drum tuning, hardware, and adjustment for percussion. Numerous drum tuning tips.
Drum Lesson 10 - Mike Radcliffe at mikedrums.com has put together a huge drum tuning resource. Includes a drum shell guide and info. on muffling drums, relative tension, seating a drum head, and more drum tuning tips. Emphasis on quality, not quantity.
Drum Lesson 11 -Very well written drumming page with drum lessons having to do with tuning. Illustrations and definitions for tuning drums and drumsets.

Drum Tuning Books and DVDs


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The Drums Database is your access to all the information on drum tuning, lessons for tuning the drumset and other tuning methods. Lessons and drum tuning tips for snare drum tuning, muffling techniques, seating, getting rid of snare drum buzz, tuning a snare drum, and how the bearing edges affect the overall sound of your drums. Basically, how to tune a drum, a snare drum or drum set. Find great drum tuning tips, links to drum tuning lessons on books, cd's and dvd, and more free drum lessons and drum tuning resources.

"Drum Tuning 101"
Learn to tune your drums at the Drums Database.

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