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What to Practice

 drum For those of you that have caught yourself
saying, "I don't know what to practice" on drums..

..Drum Bum has solved that problem for you. - Enjoy!

1. Listening (concentrated "listening" to music, not just "hearing" it)
2. Method Books (Chapin, Latham, Chaffee, etc.)
3. Rudiments (do you know all 40 drum rudiments?)
4. Groove playing (and making it feel as good as possible)
5. Styles (rock, blues, funk, country, jazz, latin, swing, reggae, etc.)
6. Stick control (George Lawrence Stone books etc.)
7. Reading (books, drum charts)
8. Dynamics
9. Tuning (many drummers need to really work on tuning their drums.)
10. Playing with a click or drum machine (also playing behind/ahead )
11. Song form (AABA,ABA, etc)
12. Soloing (as it applies to all drums; drumset, hand percussion..)
13. Playing over the bar line
14. Odd Time - Get your odd time signatures together.
15. Finger Control (this should come "after" basic hand technique)
16. Moeller Technique
17. Transcribing
18. Two handed riding
19. Linear patterns (within the groove and soloing)
20. Left hand lead
21. Double Bass Drum (that's 2 bass drums or a twin pedal)
22. Fast tempos
23. Electronics (familiarize yourself w/the latest midi equipment)
24. Instructional videos
25. Studio techniques (mic placement, effects, etc.)
26. Odd groupings (3’s, 5’s’ 7’s and 9’s etc.)
27. Polyrhythms
28. Beat displacement and/or Metric Modulation
29. Shuffles (funk, rock, 2 hand shuffles etc.)
30. Showmanship (stick twirling, standing on your head)
31. Practicing in front of a mirror
32. Recording yourself and listening back (This is a big one!)
33. Creating your "own" patterns and ideas
34. Augmentation and Diminution
35. Tehais (A figure repeated three times evenly in a phrase)
36. Filling around accent patterns
37. Practicing extremely slow tempos
38. Continual linear triplets around the set
39. Continual linear 16th’s around the set
40. Motion exercises (ala Steve Smith video)
41. Left hand and foot isolation
42. Drum physiology and ergonomics (Extremely important!)
43. Read drum publications, internet newsgroups for inspiration
44. Brushes

45. Cymbal technique (which one to hit, when, how hard, etc.)

The list goes on and on. You should never justifiably be able to say,
"I don't know what to practice on the drums".

If you have a suggestion to add to the list, drop us some mail here.


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