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Is the creator of this site famous?

  No. He's a legend in his own mind; he's out standing in his field. But he's not famous. He played with famous people however. So... yea, I guess that makes him famous. Ok, well maybe not.

Does Drum Bum own this site?

  Why does the lesson database take longer than some sites to load?
  The index page is a bit heavy. Most visitors now have faster broadband connections so we're not as concerned with it these days. Many like having the lessons on one page. We receive few complaints anymore.

Who owns all these lessons?

  Think of the Drum Lessons Database (or Drums Database) as a "portal" for free drum lesson material. The drummers we link to own their own material housed on their own website.
  Do famous drummers ever get involved?
  Yes, you'll see lessons from Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Rick Gratton, Paul Wertico, Chuck Silverman, Kenwood Dennard, and numerous others.
  Can anyones' lessons be listed in the Drums Database?
  Just about. We encourage quality. If there are too many pop-ups or the content is thin or amateurish, we will deny it.

Why don't you run a real database? Why static html?

  Because Drum Bum is too cheap to pay someone $1000 to build it. Seriously, ...it's serving its purpose. We get lots of letters thanking us, and there's an old saying; "Don't fix it if it's not broken".
  I've seen another site like this one. Is it also owned by Drum Bum?

No. Four years ago an unscrupulous drummer copied our entire drums database and pasted into his site (believe it or not). And I'm talkin' "verbatim!". We threatened legal action. Being that it was based in another country, it would have been difficult. Instead we had their ISP shut him down.

What this person didn't know was; he showed the entire drum world that he is a theif. Most drummers know about our Drums Database and they recognized his site as something that was almost a carbon copy of what we produced.

  Can I advertise on the Drums Database?
  Sure! Drop us a line and we'll forward rate information.

Is this site safe for children?

  Because we are linking externally, we can not control the content of other drums websites. We advise adult supervision and caution.
  Can I use some of this material for my own website?
  You must ask the owner of the website you're currently visiting. Look at the url (http://www.?.com) to determine location and ownership.

There are some drum lessons that don't have links. What's up with that?

  At one time, we didn't have the staff to properly maintain the Drums Database. It was getting out of control and there were many broken links. We now have assistance and are able to keep it cleaned out. Bad links are less common but you will occasionally still see hyperlinks removed for some of the lessons. This is because we can not control whether the lesson site is live or not. When sites go back up, we'll continue linking to them again. There will always be links that are intermittently inactive. That is the nature of any portal.
  Do any of the lessons belong to Drum Bum?
  Yes, a handful of the lessons and articles belong to Drum Bum. You can find some of them here. We also occasionally pay authors to write articles about drums for us, to keep fresh content coming into Drum Bum.

How come there's no link section in the Drums Database? I would like to exchange links.


We already link to contributors through lesson material. If you have free drum lessons on your site or have samples from a drum book you're promoting, drop us a line. For general drum link exchange, please visit our links site:

  What do you think is the most important part of this database?
  Life Lessons.
  You must be making a lot of money off this site, I see it everywhere.
  It's been more laborious than profitable. With large server fees and high administrative costs, it is expensive to maintain. But we're always hopeful visitors will link through to our Drum Bum Store or BuyGifts.com and make a purchase. If you haven't seen some of our cool T-shirts, hats, stickers, or novelty products, you're missing out!
  I'm not in need of any of the products you offer right now but I use the Drums Database quite a bit. How can I give back?

Send a check for $1000 to Drum Bum, Inc......

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