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Getting a drumset is a dream come true. Learning how to play it can be a little more challenging. Many drummers have luck teaching themselves. They follow their natural instincts and create rhythms that turn into practical drum beats and usable fills. Others struggle more to figure out how to make it all work together. That's where having access to reliable drum lessons comes in handy. Of course you can take lessons from a teacher but it adds up quickly and you may not feel like you're getting enough bang for the buck. Enter DVD's. - Drum Lessons on DVDs allow you to take your time with learning. You can go at your own pace, reviewing the same segments over and over if you wish. Below are some recommended drum lesson dvds on popular subjects in the world of drumming.

Recommended Drum Books, CDs, and DVDs

Beginner Drum Lessons - Study basic drum lessons from one of the top drum teachers in the world, Tommy Igoe. Learn rock drumming lessons, funk lessons, jazz, blues shuffles and much more. - More beginner drum lessons books and DVDS for drummers.
Drum Rudiments - Learn how to play 26 of the basic drum rudiments. Learn drum rudiment control, speed, and how to play accurately every time. Drum lessons start with the rudiments! - More drum rudiments books and DVDs.
How to Play Drums - Teach yourself how to play drums with this easy, fun method to start drumming without formal drum lessons.
Double Bass Drumming - Lessons on how to play double bass drums. Learn how to approach double bass, the proper technique, strengthening exercises, speed techniques, and double bass grooves for drums. - More double bass drumming books and DVDs.    
Metal Drumming  - Take your metal drumming to another level. Take metal drum lessons from extreme metal drummer extraordinaire, Flo Mounier. Learn drum technique, control, speed, and tons of awesome fill exercises for the drumset. Highly recommended.
Drum Play Alongs - Don't miss our featured drum play along lessons on DVD where you will find music without drums. Songs without the drums on them to make it easier to practice drums. This is one of our popular sites. Gain access to songs without drums on them so that you can play along with your favorite drummer or drum track.
Drum Tuning - Learn how to tune drums. This lessons DVD simplifies drum tuning and features tips from the pros that you can count on.  - More drum tuning books and DVDs.


Stay tuned for more featured rock drum lessons books, cds, and dvds.
We'll be featuring funk drumming lessons, rock lessons, basic drum beats and more. Learn how to play beginner lesson beats and cool drumfills for drumset. We'll also be including more latin drumbeats, exciting double bass drum techniques with djembe drum lessons and conga lessons and drumset play along dvds featuring how to groove on the drumset. Also; don't miss the extreme drumming and percussion lessons.

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Drum Bum's "Drums Database" is your access to all the information on beginner to advanced drum lessons for drums. Lessons and drum tips for polyrhythms, beat displacement, metric modulation and playing fast. Learn how to play drums with left foot clave, odd groupings and even study lessons for playing odd time signatures on the drums.


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At Drum Bum you'll find drummer books, cds, and dvds with drum lessons from your favorite drummers such as Neil Peart, Carter Beauford, Tony Royster Jr., and Jeff Queen. Don't miss recent drum releases by JoJo Mayer, Steve Gadd, Mike Portnoy and Thomas Lang as well as Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers and the amazing Terry Bozzio.

Don't forget, while free drum lessons and online drum instruction are always available, nothing takes the place of one-on-one lessons with a private drumming instructor. Lessons with a private teacher can provide the nuance and extra assistance that's often missing by video drum lessons.


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